About Us

Who We Are

We believe in God, the United States of America, and our duty, honor, and commitment to live those beliefs by providing the best products and services we can deliver to you.

We promise service, creative dialogue and innovative and collaborative product design. We do our very best to deliver products and services that will exceed your expectations and requirements on every project. You are not just a customer or client, you are our Partner.

That means our first goal is for you to be successful in accomplishing your mission using our products and our services.

Our second goal is to create a thriving business enterprise while honoring our values of faith in God and the United States, integrity in word and performance, and gratitude for the blessings we receive every day.

What We Do

We specialize in the design and build of Custom Military Applications and Products.

Companies, state, local and government agencies trust us because we provide professional services and design. Since we stand behind our work with a full warranty, client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Let us come on-site to discuss your ideas, needs, and problem solve your current situation to improve your training areas. We also provide complete maintenance on your current training items. Let us do what we do best...service you.

We pride ourselves with our loyalty and commitment to our clients. Our mission will not be complete until your mission is accomplished.

Patriot Products 2016 Product Catalog