Known Distance Targets

The second generation of the KDC-84 is the product of innovation and years of proven performance. As the USMC's main provider of Known Distance Targets, and with thousands of others installed worldwide, the KDC-84G2 is truly the choice for your range. It has proven to out perform and outlast all others on the market. Along with its various additional options, the Patriot KDC-84G2 is cost efficient and functionaly able to meet any standard.

Heavy Duty Target Carriage (HDTC)


Patriot Products has designed and produced a target carriage that is unsurpassed by all others. Designed to install quickly, these target carriages are the most rugged, durable, abuse resistant models you can find. Heavy Duty and nearly maintenance free. Lifters are constructed of heavy gage structural steel, stainless steel chains with full length built-in guards, environmentally friendly urethane polyester or galvanized finish, and other rust free materials. Greaseless for life with the Patriot Dura-Glide guidance system, these carriages outperform and outlast all other carriages. Smooth, quiet, and counter-balanced for easy operation whether you use one target or two.

Lomah Compatible

36" X 84" X 108" Weight 650#

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Heavy Duty Target Carriage Motor Drive


Automatic motorized drive for heavy-duty and maintenance free use. The KDC-84 Drive System will arrive as an integral part of the KD carriage. All components for the Drive System and the Control System are pre-mounted on the lifter, and pre-wired complete and fully tested.

The drive system incorporates the following standards: 230VAC 3-Phase motor, one 56C frame, three phase, horizontally mounted motor with high torque gear box, variable frequency drive and all limit switches.

The control system includes NEMA 4X non-metallic control enclosure, motor and drive, contacts, and all items required to control Known Distance target up/down motion.

Wireless or Direct operational controls available per your site requirements.

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Known Distance Poly Target Frame


Patriot Products Universal KD Butts-Board is designed to replace the standard wooden frames used on Known Distance ranges throughout the military. Made from poly-blended material with non-shattering properties, these frames shield the traditional wooden 2" x 4" frames for known distance targets. They will withstand thousands of rounds and help prevent ricochet injuries. Environmentally friendly, these frames can be recycled upon end of use with no site legacy. Replaces costly man hours to build and maintain, withstands all types' weather and can last for seasons.

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Target Turning System for Heavy Duty Target Carriages


Manually operated target turner for zero to ninety degree reveal. Steel constriction with weatherproof finish. Mounts to crossbar of KDC-84 Patriot Products Known Distance Carriage with easy on/ off mounting. Built in detent holds the target in reveal mode against moderate wind.

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Manual Moving Target System (Manual-MTS)


Modular Rail System - 500' length and is installed in 20 ft. sections. Mounts to inside wall of berm or overhang based on structural integrity. Dual tube rail system, hot dipped galvanized for long lasting protection. Minimal interference of operation of existing targetry and does not create a ballistic safety hazard. Adjustable travel distance and removable stops. Target swings down to operator for easy scoring and folds against berm wall when not in use, Motorized option available.

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